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LinkTiger Tour


VIEW YOUR WEBSITE STATUS WITH A PROFESSIONAL DASHBOARD hunts your website for broken links 7 days a week, 365 days a year! When errors occur, our link checker will make you the first to know.

  1. LinkTiger provides you a quick overview of the status of all links on your websites with an intuitive dashboard. For each website the dashboard shows three pie-charts with the pages status, the link status and the error types of the dead link. To get detailed reports, click on one of the pie-charts.
  2. Search for specific webpages or file types and view the status of the links on the pages found.
  3. Add new websites with an easy to use wizard.
  4. Get a quick summary on your account or account upgrade so you can hunt even more webpages.
  5. Use the tabs to switch between the dashboard, custom reports and your account information.
  6. Edit the configuration on how LinkTiger web site checker prowls your page.


Drill down to more detailed information with canned reports or create rich custom reports that fit your needs.

  1. View for each webpage the amount of broken links, the number of parent pages (webpages that link to this page), the link status and document type.
  2. Print, export or e-mail your dead link reports.
  3. also checks all links within any PDF, flash-animation (SWF-file), CSS or MS Office document on your website.


When a webpage with broken links is found, highlights all the broken links within the webpage. So you get them fixed even faster.

After clicking on a page with a broken link, LinkTiger loads the webpage and highlights all broken links, so you can spot & fix them!

  1. See the amount of dead links in this webpage.
  2. Use the navigation buttons to jump from broken link to broken link and see the exact webpage address that is selected.
  3. All broken links in this webpage are highlighted in orange, so you can have this link fixed as soon as possible!

BE THE FIRST TO KNOW contains a great e-mail notification feature.

As soon as broken links are found with our linkchecker program you will receive an e-mail alert. So you can act before your customers could notice any problem.