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3 Benefits To Using A Broken Link Checker Service

December 1st, 2014

Many small business have a do-it-yourself website built by a web hosting service company. These hosting companies may have quality templates and features that allow a small business to create a website that look and maybe even perform like professionally built and hosted site. However, if you aren’t using a broken link checker service your website may be failing to compete, which can hurt your bottom line in the long run.

A broken link checker service or app provides a very specific function. It checks that all those backlinks and hyperlinks within and outside of your website are working correctly. Failing to use these services, and failing to check your website links on a regular basis, can seriously affect your SEO rankings in a negative way. This in turn could end up costing you money, and potential clients; now and in the future.

Better User Experience

Implementing a daily or weekly broken link checker service will ensure that your customers will be able to use the internal links on your web pages to get where they want to go. This means your clients won’t receive 404 errors or be redirected to random web pages. More importantly, it ensures a smooth user experience to allow your potential clients to make purchase or follow through with your lead generation process.

Increased Position on Search Engine Rankings

While most people don’t understand the complex algorithms that are used for search engine rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo, you should know that broken links definitely have a negative impact on your site’s SEO.

Using a broken link tool that checks, on a regular basis, and reports back any broken links will ensure your website is never downgraded in the rankings. After all, fixing your broken links is easy and one of the easiest factors to control; due to the automated nature of broken link tools.

Increased Earning Potential

If you aren’t using a broken link checker for internal hyperlinks and you are adding new products, pages and features to your website you may actually be losing out on sales. A customer that clicks a link to buy a product and ends up with a 404 message, or with a page that won’t load, will simply go to your competition and make a purchase there.

The bottom line is, failing to use a broken link checker for external or internal links is hurting your website. Subscribe with today to make sure your website is in good standing with the major search engines and with your customers’ site experience.

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