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Take advantage of LinkTiger’s Link Fixing Service

LinkTiger is now your one-stop shop for finding and fixing broken links. Not only can you use our state-of-the-art tool to track down link issues on your site, but we now offer in-house services to actively fix your broken links.

Why? Because broken links are bad for business! They lower your stats on Search Engine results and give your current and prospective clients headaches and frustrations when they visit your site. Also, our service will allow you to focus your resources on strategic work while you leave this maintenance task to LinkTiger’s team of experienced professionals.

While the concept behind fixing a broken link may sound simple enough, there is often a great amount of time and effort required to track down and fix broken links on your webpages. The first step, of locating the broken link, is often cumbersome and slow, wasting valuable company resources. Once the broken link is identified, additional time and diligence must be spent ensuring the problem is resolved correctly.

Our new service is quick and effective, at fixing your broken links. Once our work is done, you’ll experience improved search results, and an improved experience for your users. The cost of proactively finding and fixing broken links before your customers experience issues is vastly most cost-effective than doing it after the fact.

Contact us today at to see for yourself how affordable and convenient it can be to let LinkTiger locate and fix broken links for you!

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